Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Operation Trough Retrieval

Okay, we are not used to a plethora of rain here, but lately we have been dumped on.  So, our pig pen has become a swimming hole with an emphasis on hole.  Some, probably lethal, combination of water, sh*t, and dirt have taken over and the pigs are wading around trying to find a dry spot.  What this also means is that their troughs have filled with this batter too.  Because we prefer our meat to not eat sh*t soup, I sent my youngest into the pen for Operation Trough Retrieval which did make me feel a little evil.

I wasn't sure he was going to make it out alive or that we wouldn't have to give him a bleach bath when he was done.

If you feel nauseous looking at these photos, please step away from your computer because I don't think vomit and keyboards were meant for one another.

In the end, my baby made it out okay even though my boots (See!  I am not all that evil after all!  I let him borrow my rain boots to go in there!) are now destroyed.  And, the troughs are cleaned and relocated to the driest (HAH!) part of their pen.


Crafty Farmer


  1. Gunnar is so jealous. Okay, maybe not...

    welcome to blogland, woman!

  2. Kian will thank you for the rest of his life for this cleansing experience. Or maybe not... Great writing. And perfect grammar and spelling. UC Davis!!