Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Passion Party

Where we live the days of Tupperware parties have gone by the wayside and it is more common now to end up with an invitation to a passion party*.  While those little gatherings are educational to say the least, they are nothing compared to the passion party that Scott and I have been having!  We purchased this Big Boy last year and, as promised, it has brought back the spark to our union.

Oh, yeah, BABY!

Who knew that dehydrating food could be so exhilarating, so stimulating?  Well, I must be honest here and tell the full story.  Scott does all the work.  He slices and slices and slices while I do nothing.  Why then is this better than couples therapy?  Because any man who slices, dices, chops, cooks, and cleans in a kitchen is HOT!  Wow, just thinking about Scott as a kitchen queen is making me blush!  Maybe queen isn't the right description, but it is what comes to mind.

Anyway, so far, we have been quite limited in the variety of fruit we have filled this beast with.  To date, we have processed hundreds of pounds of peaches, pears, apples, and cherries.  Now, we do hope to expand our repertoire, but really there are only so many hours in the day. And, we can only eat so much dried fruit.....sorry, we are mere humans.   But, do take a look as how perty the results are...

Apples, cherries, and peaches....OH MY!

Oh, and perhaps I lied a little bit about me just sitting around.  See those cute bags?  I made those!  And, yes, I do know that I put peaches in an apple bag, but I haven't yet sewn the peach bag....Geez!

Well, today the Big Boy was humming along sucking the life out of a batch of sliced peaches when I noticed how dusty it had become.  Since I find Scott irresistible when he is dehydrating and because after years and years and years and years of marriage I understand the importance of highlighting the good times, I decided to do something about the dust ridden Big Boy FAST.  Thus, I whipped out a little insurance for The Stimulator today which will keep him clean and happy and functioning for eternity.

Sometimes having too much fabric sitting around is a good thing!

And, NO, Scott is not The Stimulator.....he's MY Big Boy......


Crafty Farmer

*If you have never been to a passion party, you have not lived.  To see a group of women being introduced to the latest and greatest in the sex toy world by a "traveling saleslady" is, well, HILARIOUS!


  1. omigod. It is about time. I love it! I will be back. As you blog, use tags, link outward, and keep writing just like this!

  2. Thanks! However, you are speaking a foreign language! What is use tags and link outward? HELP?

  3. I'm married to a kitchen queen too, they rock!
    Thank you so much for the lovely comments about my yarn, I'm so happy you like it! Can't wait to read more about your farming life, I wish i could do the same.

  4. I do love the idea of the dust jacket. Our stimulator sits all dusty on the counter. Those parties are a riot!!